A Love Story

Our guiding purpose is to make the moment you hold your MVK bag for the first time an unforgettable experience.

We are here to create love at first touch.

It starts with deep respect and appreciation for beautiful natural leather. Each careful step we take, from the very first sketch to the very last stitch, is guided by its innate qualities.

We seek out leather unlike any other. Deep in saturated color and unforgettably soft to the touch, each thick hide tells a story though its unique texture, grain and natural imperfections. Nothing is covered, nothing hidden.

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"We seek out leather unlike any other"

Using high quality leather, an experienced craftsman constructs our bags in a manner that requires no additional reinforcements or aides, taking advantage purely of its naturally occurring characteristics.

The result is a bag that humbly showcases material and craftsmanship. It is pliable, resting comfortably on your arm, yet reassuringly thick and strong to safely carry your belongings.

Most importantly, it is made to be touched, so that you will never forget the first time you carried it.

Every bag in the Max V. Koenig range is made from the absolute finest natural leather available in the world.

Never coated. Never forced. Never stamped. 

It is produced only by a single small family run tannery in France. Tucked away in the corner of the Bay of Biscay, a stones throw from the Spanish border, today the family business is in its 3rd generation.

There is a secret recipe. The beautiful bovine skins and exclusively sourced in France, bi-products from local farms. First mineral tanned, to achieve the vibrancy and depth of colour we are known for, then retanned with vegetable essences, obtaining the softest of touch imaginable.

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